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Better Absorption

Oral vitamins pass through your digestive system to get to your bloodstream. It loses nutritional value through the process which means it doesn't get fully absorbed and you don't get the full benefits of the vitamin.


When you get an intramuscular (IM) vitamin shot, it bypasses your digestive system and goes directly to the bloodstream. This means you absorb 90% to 100% of the vitamin. 

More Effective

To get results from a pill or supplement, you have to take them daily. With vitamin injections, it's only a quick and easy clinic visit every week or two.

Typically you'll see faster results with IM vitamins because of the higher absorption. For example taking an oral vitamin B-12 supplement daily for 1 month can be equivalent to having one injection once a week.

In most cases oral vitamins come with added filters that have no nutritional benefit in the tablet/capsule.

If you're looking to give your body the clean vitamins it needs to stay healthy and strong, IM vitamins are a safe, effective and efficient way to provide that. 




B-Complex + B12 naturally boosts your energy levels, detoxifies and improves overall wellness. Also promotes healthy cell function, healthy skin, nails, and hair. 

B12 + B-Complex


Single Shot: $40

Package of 6 shots: $175



Lipotropic + B12 increases metabolism speed, decreases appetite and maximizes weight loss. Also improves the export of toxins and fat from liver while enhancing the cardiovascular functions.

Lipotropic + B12

Single Shot: $35

Package of 6 shots: $150



B12 increases energy, improve mental clarity and it helps produce cell-restoring DNA. Also helps protects nerves and produce red blood cells and prevent anemia.


Single Shot: $25

Package of 6 shots: $100



Glutathione is the most powerful anti-oxidant in our bodies. It decreases free radicals, boosts immune system, improves complexion, enhances recovery time and accelerates wound healing.


Single Shot: $35

Package of 6 shots: $150

We Recommend Your Shots Every 1-2 Weeks for Maximum Benefits


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